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Leadership Coaching Trainer & Consultant

Today's Choices Creating Tomorrow's Future





Virtually everyone will experience times when they are called upon to be a leader. What does it mean to effectively lead others, and how can a person develop these skills? Learn how to use motivation, modeling, social skills and charisma when others follow you in a work or personal environment. 



Recognized internationally in the medical, counseling and corrections fields, MI teaches participants how to better connect to people both personally and professionally, focusing on the often missed dynamic of interactions called ‘join up,’ conveying the value of each individual. 



An often misunderstood term, Scott shares the many psychological benefits of serving others. Learning how to incorporate the benefits of service can be life changing.



The average person has 30,000 thoughts during the course of a day. These thoughts dictate our behaviors. T&B training focuses on the power of positive thinking, assessing risk in our thoughts, and includes several strategies and tools to harness and then connect our thoughts to our behavior.




Scott holds a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Walden and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from Bemidji State University.  He is the CEO and Founder of Legacy Group, LLC an agency specializing in evidence based trainings.


25+ years in the Helping Fields has been part of his journey, working largely with adolescent populations.  Much of his energy is expressed by promoting a Strength Based approach in people and agencies.    


Scott was the Treatment Director for a juvenile facility in Upper Minnesota from 1998-2015, where he had oversight in all programming, staff recruitment and training, client treatment implementation and budget spending.  


In 2010, Scott founded Legacy Group, LLC a consulting agency, and developed this venture over the next five years until it grew into a full-time commitment.  A primary purpose of this agency is to invest in people and help them fulfill their legacy.  Too often individuals chase to concept of  ‘some day’.  This can often lead to missing out on the present, where we should be investing our time and energy.  ‘Live the Legacy you want to leave’ is part of his Mission Statement. 


Cognitive Behavioral Interventions are the focus for much of Scott’s work.  Linking the Action, Thinking, Feelings, Beliefs in a specific situation are the foundation to impacting change in the client’s behavior and decisions.  Common tools used to affect this change are Thinking Reports, Behavior Chains, Cost Benefit Analysis, and Check-Ins.  Equally important are Skill deficits which are common in many of our clients.  Skill Streaming teaches ‘new’ skills to clients to use instead of ‘old’ behaviors which have led them to risky behaviors. 


Scott has trained in most areas of the U.S. and led several International trainings in Ireland, Canada, and Uganda.  He has trained thousands of participants who are committed to learning Evidence Based programs and skills.



Equipping individuals with the skills to facilitate successful decision-making now and in the future.



Transformational leadership, brain and social skill development, motivation group skills, importance of service, belief and thinking patterns, and problem solving. 

Scott shares his transformational Legacy Group program at universities, educational conferences, church seminars, and to businesses and individuals. 



At Legacy Group, Scott has worked with multiple clients of different backgrounds:

National Institute of CorrectionsBemidji State University, Department of Rehabilitation & CorrectionSouth Dakota Department of Corrections, Oak Hills Christian CollegeUnited States Probation and Pretrial Services, African-American Families Fatherhood Project

I have had the privilege of co-facilitating 4-day training events on numerous occasions with Scott Nyegaard in the area of cognitive behavioral programming. He is well educated and informed in research and evidence based practices.  Scott is well prepared, delivers information with a good sense of humor in an easy to follow format, and creates an environment that is conducive to audience participation.

– Trish Hansen, MN Dept. of Corrections-District Supervisor

Mr. Nyegaard is a pleasure to present and learn with. He is a professional that actively engages learning and engages other to learn. He is upbeat and passionate about what he presents and demonstrates understanding and knowledge in the content.

– Dan Falk, Educator

Scott is fabulous. The knowledge of the trainer was very helpful.

– Attendee in Ohio

Artful way of pushing us out of our comfort zone.

– Attendee in Ohio

I really enjoy learning new things-no need for improvement.

– Attendee in Los Angles

Wonderful day, thank you. Very energizing.

– Mental Health Professional, Minnesota

I think Scott is a great trainer, I enjoyed the break-out sessions because they allowed me to gain experience.

– Attendee in Los Angles

Scott is a great presenter. Thank you for the energy boost!

– Public Safety Supervisor, Michigan

“I really appreciated the emphasis on leadership. It is not about supervising, be a leader!

– Manager, Florida





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